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Local time, 26th Novemberthe Hualong-1 unit in Pakistan Karachi 2 (K2) started the hydraulic test of the primary loop officially, which marked that the unit had been fully transferred from the installation to the commissioning.


K2&K3 units in Pakistan (Image: by CNNC)

The hydraulic test, also known as cold functional test, is the first touchstone to verify the correctness of the system and main components mechanical design in the primary loop. It provides important evidence for checking whether the pressure equipment is appropriately installed according to the design requirement, and sets preliminary fundamentals for further system and main components hot test as well.

So far, K2 and K3 have been safely constructed for 2083 days successively, which provides a model for the subsequent Hualong-1 construction unit, and strongly enhanced the confidence of the client countries along the Belt & Road.

As the state card of China, Hualong-1 is the 3rd generation nuclear power technology with completely independent intellectual property rights. At present, the construction of 4 Hualong-1 units in China and Pakistan are proceeding smoothly. They are the only 3rd generation pressurized water reactors in the world that are being built on schedule.